Utilizing Your Gifts

Everyone has different gifts and abilities. Different strengths and weaknesses. Some people are left brained, some are right brained. Everyone experiences different things and learns in different ways. And that is okay! We are all created differently. No two people are the same. We might have similar talents as someone else, but the way we use them could be totally different.

I’ve found that a lot of people are scared of their passions, gifts and talents. They are unsure how to use them, afraid of what people might think, or fearful of failure. But the truth and good news in all of that, is that God gave you just enough. He didn’t give you too much or too little. He has equipped, and will continue to equip, you with the experiences and knowledge necessary to pursue your passions and utilize your gifts. There is so much freedom in this! We are able to fully chase after what He has called us to do and to live this life to its maximum potential knowing that we are capable, because He made us capable. This doesn’t mean that failure won’t happen, because it will. It’s just a part of the learning and growing process. You just have to have a little bit of grit in ya. Because the truth is, people are going to make it hard. There will be people that doubt you. People that tell you no. Life itself is going to make it hard. It’s going to be a challenge. But it is SO worth it.

For me, the idea of this blog has been on my heart for yearsssss. I love writing and have been gifted with that talent, but I was fearful of what people would think. Fearful of not being able to keep up with it or not be able to write enough, or worse, not being able to write well enough. I won’t lie, I still have those fears. But God has continued to push me toward this. He has spoken truth into my life and silenced a lot of those fears. And He will do the same for you! You just have to take the time to listen and allow Him to change your mind and your heart. Lysa TerKeurst said it best, “That thing that feels too hard? Keep taking baby steps of right decisions and one day you’ll walk with a strength you never knew was possible.”

If you are in a season of life where you feel lost or are unsure what your purpose is, sit down and re-evaluate. What gifts have you been blessed with? Are you utilizing them? If not, how can you begin to utilize them? Don’t rush into it. Don’t jump on the first thing you think is your passion or the talent you should be pursuing. Be prayerful about it. Ask God to reveal to you where He wants you to be. Really think about a life in which you utilize your gifts. What impact do you want to make? How can you use it to serve others, instead of yourself? That’s not to say you shouldn’t be a little selfish with it, because you should. You should LOVE what you do. And if what you’re doing is aligned with God’s plan for your life, then you will also be serving His people.

God has placed you here, He has given you gifts and abilities. He doesn’t want you to sit on them. It’s time you take hold of your life. Stop sitting around bored and afraid of change, and start creating a life you love.

With love,


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