Just Start Somewhere.

Hey hi helloooo. I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I promise. It’s just unfortunately been on the back burner (again) as I’m adjusting and finding a balance in this new season of life. I’m getting there slowly but surely, so just bear with me. And hold me accountable. I’m starting a mini series of posts about creating a life you love. You know, since it is what this whole blog is about and all. I only have one other one written currently, so there’s a gooood chance that it will be the second and last in the series (#honesty). But I’m going to try my best. So here goes:

My biggest fear and drawback in ever actually publishing this blog was of not being consistent. I had had Inspire Co. in the works for a while when I decided to pursue a part-time job. I debated back and forth on if I should actually go through with announcing the blog because I knew my life was about to get even more busy. But man, I had no idea just how busy it would get.

Since I graduated in May of 2018 I had been pursuing photography full-time. But there’s so many other aspects in the creative industry that I love and want to pursue. I knew in order to make the shift into those things, I would need extra income. In February I took a job at the Kendra Scott Flagship. When I came across the opening, I knew I had to go for it. I love where I work and the team I get to work with. And getting to be a part of a brand that started in a bedroom and is now booming - that’s my kinda company. I’m working between 20-30 hours a week there, while still running my photography business. And balancing a long distance relationship, my friendships and family, working out, oh and feeding myself. I’m falling short in so many areas of my life, and I hate that part of it. I’m constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. But I know that it’s what I have to be doing right now in order to live the life that I want in the future. I have so many dreams and ideas that are having to sit on the sideline right now as I find a balance of it all. And that’s OKAY! I know that I will get to them. I’m not letting them go anywhere. I’m taking tiny steps each day to ensure I’m headed in that direction.

I am only 23 years old. I don’t have to have it all together. And I definitely don’t have to be completely killing it in the career of my dreams. What fun would that be? I’d get burned out before my life even really begins. I think it’s even more fitting for the blog that I’m struggling and falling short. Because now I get to be real, raw and honest with you about my life as I myself am taking the steps to create a life I love.

Sometimes it takes working that part-time or even full-time job that you don’t completely love, or at least don’t see yourself at forever. Sometimes it takes being so busy that you can’t even think straight. It might mean your dreams get put on the sideline for some time. But I’m begging you - don’t get stuck there. Don’t get comfortable and settle. Don’t think that is all you are capable of. If you have dreams and ideas, GO FOR THEM. It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’re in the middle of a successful career. You have those dreams and those ideas for a reason. They ARE attainable. If you want to go to the moon, go to the freakin’ moon.

Start taking steps every day that lead you down that path. Look up lessons on YouTube, talk to someone in the industry, read a book relating to your dream or idea. Just start somewhere. And you’ll be amazed at what you can make happen.

With love,


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