I have always been the person taking pictures of anything and everything. I never considered making a career out of it, but God has a funny way of revealing things to us at the perfect time. I picked up my first DSLR camera in January of 2015. I originally just wanted it to take pictures with my friends, but I quickly realized I had a heart for capturing personalities and telling stories. I knew that God was calling me to capture the beauty of His people. I began teaching myself everything I could about my camera, and the doors just started opening. I never would have imagined that a year later I would have my own registered business. I feel so blessed to get to pursue my passion as my "job" while meeting and working with the most amazing clients. 



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I'm Madison, but you can call me Madi. I'm a natural light lifestyle and wedding photographer based out of Austin, TX. I have a deep passion for telling stories through pictures. It brings me so much joy to be able to create a tangible memory in time. Everyone has a unique and beautiful story, and my goal is to make that story known to anyone who comes across your photos. My approach to capturing and telling your story is simple. I aim to capture raw emotion, personality, and your captivating beauty. I want your images to be meaningful and truthful to who you are either as an individual, or as a couple. Along with my passion for storytelling, I have a love for people and deep, meaningful relationships. The most rewarding part of my job is getting to meet so many amazing people and build lasting friendships. Whether you are interested in a consultation or just wanting to grab a cup of coffee, I would love to create something beautiful with you. 

the story

ideal client

My ideal client sees the beauty and power in storytelling. It's the ones who care more about the memories and relationships made than the outward appearance. It's anyone who is full of life and love. It's the people who love our Heavenly Father and live to make His name great. I want my clients to live life to its fullest potential while surrounding themselves with people they love. If you believe in these things too, then we will be a perfect fit!


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